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To provide the best quality, practical, continuing education for electrical personnel in the Midwestern area.


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Welcome to the Midwestern Electrical Seminar's (MWES) website. I am Don Nemeth, the owner of MWES and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about this seminar company and how it began.

In 1978, I was hired by the Minnesota State Board of Electricity as a Contract Electrical Inspector. While performing electrical inspections, I came to the realization that most electricians didn't have a practical understanding of the National Electrical Code. Soon after, I decided to use my expertise in this area by teaching National Electrical Code classes to these electricians.

Through these electrical code classes, I began to notice significant improvements in the quality of the electrical installations being performed by those enrolled in my courses. I discovered that I could have a more beneficial impact on the electrical industry by teaching rather than just writing up code violations.

I continued to teach classes at technical colleges from 1978 to 1995. In 1996, I decided to develop my own business in which I could create material that was most useful and practical to practicing electrical personnel. MWES now writes and publishes all of our own seminar materials.

I am currently an Area Representative for the MN Department of Labor & Industry, Electrical Division, which involves the supervision of electrical inspections in thirteen counties. Through the years, my knowledge and expertise has grown into passion for this field. By developing and teaching National Electrical Code classes, I am able to improve the skills of electrical personnel throughout the Midwest.

MWES now trains over 1500 electrical personnel yearly at more than 20 regularly scheduled seminars and at many custom courses in the Midwest. We redevelop our seminar manual each year because we are continually covering additional subjects. Because of this continual update of course materials, many electrical personnel attend our seminars every year.

Thank you for your interest in Midwestern Electrical Seminars. I invite you to attend one of our seminars. Let's work together to improve your understanding of the National Electrical Code. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally at 320-354-4645.



Don Nemeth
Owner of MWES


Midwestern Electrical Seminars (MWES)
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MWES has worked hard to ensure the accuracy & usefulness of the material on this website and the information presented in our seminars. MWES, individual presenters, and those contributing information to this website and our seminars, assume no responsibility for any omission or inaccuracy in the material presented. We recommend that any applications of this information be verified with the National Electrical Code and any local "Authorities Having Jurisdiction" in the area the electrical work is being performed. In some cases, the local codes may be more restrictive than the National Electrical Code. 90.4 of the N.E.C. gives the "Authority Having Jurisdiction" for the enforcement of the code, the responsibility for the interpretation of the rules regarding the approval of equipment and materials, and for granting special permission.